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Texas Drivers Quick Guide

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Texas Drivers Quick Guide

Texas Teen Drivers

  • 14-17 years old and reside in the state of Texas

  • ALL Texas Teens are required to complete a Teen Driver's Education Course in order to obtain their Texas Driver's License ​​

  • Texas Learner's Permit and Driver's License must be obtained through the office of Department of Public Safety (DPS) ​

  • Ready to apply for your Learner's Permit or Driver's License? Make sure to schedule an appointment with DPS: ​

Laptop and Paperwork

Forms and Documents

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Forms and Documents

DPS Forms 

Adult (18+ years old) Driver License Application

Form DL-14A

Teen (16- 18 years old) Driver License Application

Form DL-14B

List of Acceptable Forms of IDs for DPS 


Driving Logs

Texas 30-Hour Driving Log​

  • Required for Teen Drivers who are enrolled in a Teen Driver's Ed Course 

  • To be completed by Teen Driver with a valid Learner's License

  • Driving Hours to be done with any adult (21+ years old) who has a valid Texas Driver's License

  • Must be submitted to DPS at the time of Driver's License application

  • 10 Driving Hours must be done at night 

  • Does NOT count towards required Behind-the-Wheel driving hours to be completed during Teen Driver's Ed

14-Hour Behind-The-Wheel Log 

  • For Teen Drivers who are enrolled in a Parent-taught Teen Driver's Ed Course 

  • Supplied by TDLR to complete 7 hrs Driving + 7 hrs Observation with parent instructor 

  • Must be submitted to DPS at the time of Driver License Application 

Texas Driver's Handbook

Driver Education textbook supplied by the Texas Department of Public Safety 

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