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About Our Driving School

"For Students, by Educators"


A&K Driving Austin was founded and structured with our students in mind and how to best engage them when learning about the essential life-skill of driving.  By implementing proven teaching strategies and teaching methodologies, we are able to educate students of all backgrounds and experience levels.  

This unique approach, together with our top-quality instructors, makes A&K Driving Austin one of the best driving schools in Austin, TX.




To learn more about our driving school services, read below: 

Our Driving Lessons

Our Driving Packages

Driving Exams

Our Driving Lessons:

We offer private, one-on-one driving lessons with licensed instructors that emphasize safety and confidence on the road.


Each driving lesson is one (1) hour long and conducted in our school's vehicles. Our cars are fitted with passenger-side breaks as an added safety measure for students and instructors. 

Driving Packages bundle several driving lessons together at a discounted rate. This allows students to schedule their lessons at their own convenience and availability. The driving lessons allow for a natural progression of practice and skill as students advance in their driving experience. 

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Driving Lessons
Driving a Car

Our Driving Packages

A&K Driving Austin offers different Driving Packages that allow students to sign up for multiple driving lessons based on their driving experience and needs. 

Driving Packages can include the following services: 

  • Driving lessons 

    • Each driving lesson is 1-hour in length ​

    • Instruction is based on each student's needs and driving experience

  • Pick-up/Drop-off 

    • For an added charge, our instructors are able to pick you up at your location if you do not have access to transportation to our office location

  • Driving Exam​

    • Packages that include the Driving Exam are designed to help the student practice their road test skills and ensure exam readiness

    • Once the student completes their driving lessons, they are able to book their Driving Exam as their final session

Our DrivingPackages

Driving Packages: How it Works

When signing up for a Driving Package, each student will be prompted to create their online profile with our driving school. 

Once their account is created and the purchase is confirmed, the sessions included in their Driving Package are then credited to their account. 


Students can manage their contact information on their Account Profile. Students can also review their past and upcoming bookings

Next, the student may log in their account and select our Schedule Online option. From there, they can select the service they would like to book . 

Select the service based on what is included in your Driving Package 

When a service is selected, this will open up the scheduling calendar that will display the next available dates and times.

After selecting a Day/Time, the student is redirected to the Booking Form where they will fill out the required information. 

At the bottom of the Booking Form, the student will need to select a payment option. In this case, they can select the option that states their Driving Package in order to redeem their session from their account. 


Driving Package Payment Option will also display how many sessions are still available to redeem. 

Finally, they can finish their booking process and will receive an email confirmation with the service details. 


If you purchased a Driving Package that includes Pick-up/Drop-off services, you will need to select the service that notes Pick-up/Drop-off services when scheduling your appointment. 


Driving Test Report

Driving Exam Services

A&K Driving Austin is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as a Third-Party Skills Test site. 

As an approved test site, we are able to offer the official DPS Road Test needed for the  Texas Driver's License application. 

Driving Exam Services

The Driving Exam is administered by a licensed examiner who will direct each student along the approved Test Route. 

The Driving Exam score is based on the student's performance in the following areas: 

  • Control- student's ability to properly operate the vehicle

  • Observation- student's ability to properly interact with traffic, abide by road signs/regulations, and maintain safety 

  • Positioning- student's lane management skills and performing proper turns and stops 

  • Signaling- student's proper use of turn signals when required

Additionally, students will be tested on: 

  • parallel parking 

  • safely reversing the vehicle

  • perpendicular parking 

The Driving Exam begins at our office location with the examiner reviewing the controls and functions of the vehicle before moving on to the parking requirements and Test Route. 

Driving Exam length time: approximately 15-20 minutes

*Additional 5 - 10 minutes at the end of the exam are needed to review results and prepare paperwork.

The exam is conducted using the driving school vehicle. Our vehicles are fitted with a passenger-side brake as an added safety measure for students and instructors during driving lessons and driving exams. 


The Examiner grades every student based on the criteria and standards set by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Examiners are not required to pass a student based on driving experience alone.

All Driving Exam applicants must show proficiency in the areas highlighted above in order to pass their Driving Exam. 

As a Third-Party Test Site, we require ALL student drivers to have a valid Learner's Permit in order to sign up for a Driving Exam. 

A Driving Exam is considered an automatic FAIL if the student driver-

  • Violates traffic laws

  • Dangerously impedes traffic

  • Refuses to follow instructions

**If you are booking your Driving Exam appointment online, it is with the understanding that you meet all the requirements as stated by DPS regulations.


-you have completed and met all Driver Education Requirements (Teen or Adult)

-have a valid Texas Learner's Permit

-will complete the IMPACT Texas Driver's Course by the time of your exam appointment

(IMPACT certificate must not be expired, only valid for 90 days after date of completion) 

A Driving Exam Applicant that: 

-is missing any of the required paperwork at the time of their Driving Exam appointment

-fails to notify of appointment cancellation at least 24 hrs in advance 

-is more than 5 mins late to their appointment or fails to show up 

WILL be subject to a $30 rescheduling fee. 

No car insurance paperwork is required from the students who sign up for a Driving Exam through A&K Driving Austin. 

Driving Lesson

Are you ready to take a Driving Exam?

Review DPS requirements for scheduling a Driving Exam: 

Review additional Driving Exam readiness here: 

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