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Adult Driver's Education

  • 6-hour course, most accessible online

  • Required for adults 18-24 years old

  • Submit Completion Certificate to DPS to obtain Learner's Permit

Quick Guide and Resources:

If you are an adult of 18 - 24 years old, you must complete an Adult Driver's Education Course. 

  • 6-hour course

  • Completion Certificate required by DPS to obtain Learner's Permit 

To search course providers, you may go to: 

Adults 25 years of age or older are able to take the Written Exam at DPS in order to obtain their Learner's Permit. 

Alternatively, they may sign up for an Adult Driver's Education course and submit the Completion Certificate to DPS for their Learner's Permit. 

For more information, you may refer to: 

Additionally, all driver's license applicants must complete the IMPACT Texas Drivers (ITD) course before signing up for a Driving Exam. 


As a Third-Party Test Site, we require ALL student drivers to have a valid Learner's Permit in order to sign up for a Driving Exam. 

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